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Chris Henzel (Mushmouth) Full Interview

Met (Too Damn Hype Records) Full Interview

Alex Rivera (Burnside) Full Interview

Jon Gula (Turmoil) Full Interview

Chuck Treece (McRad) Full Interview

Bryan Lathrop (Sadistic Exploits) Full Interview

Jeff Sab & Jamie Davis of (Stormwatch & Bad Luck 13) Full Interview

Jon (No Ones Hero & No Compromise) Full Interview

E.M.S. (Suprise Attack Records) Full Interview

Pat, Steve, & Luke (All Else Failed) Full Interview

Doc Coyle (God Forbid) Full Interview

Chris X & Liam (This Is Hardcore) Full Interview

Brian Craig & Arron (Side Over) Full Interview

Dan Campbell (The Wonder Years) Full Interview

Eric Corbin (Endless) Full Interview

Jay Heycock  (Lethal Dose) Full Interview

Ziggy of Barricade & Animalhaus (Full Interview)

Cuz Joe (Black N' Blue Bowl) Full Interview

Adam Salaga (XDiscipleX) Full Interview

The Waltfather (Full Interview)

Dan. E & Matt Gray of (Fat Chance & Catfish/Bullhead) Full Interview

Brendan, John, and Dave of (CDC) Full Interview

Sam of Airport Music Hall (Full Interview)

Stikman of Fury Of Five (Full Interview)

Randy of (Lamb Of God) Full Interview

Chris, Keith, and Kevin of (Extend) Full Interview

Geoff of (Bad Vibes) Full Interview

Laura of (Rebel Angel) Full Interview

Laura of (Rebel Angel) Full Interview

Jeremy & Evan of (XIIIPFP) Full Interview

Lauren of (570) Full Interview

YDI (Full Interview)

Kevin of (Chine) Full Interview

Justin Skams of (Not Without Resistance) Full Interview

Jay & Jeremy of (Lifeless) Full Interview

Jay & Jeremy of (Lifeless) Full Interview

Jay of (Reign Supreme) Full Interview

Davin of (Kingdom & Eaten Alive) Full Interview

Justin of (Neverfall) Full Interview

Carissa & Crystal (Full Interview)

Josh Buck (Full Interview)

Dave Heck (Full Interview)

XNickX (Full Interview)

Alex of Cold World (Full Interview)

Jason of Bad Luck 13 (Full Interview)

Todd of Dysphoria (Full Interview)

John from R.S.B. (Full Interview)

Alan of Life Of Agony (Full Interview)

Craig of Autistic Behavior (Full Interview)

Paul Bearer of Sheer Terror (Full Interview)

Mega Jimmy of Double Penetration (Full Interview)

Mark Stokoe of Strikeback (Full Interview)

Nate of Strength For A Reason (Full Interview)

Nathan of Allstar with Harry Jenkins (Full Interview)

Rennie of Starkweather (Full Interview)

J.C. of No Retreat (Full Interview)

Dave & Jim of F.O.D. (Full Interview)

Eric Perfect of Limecell (Full Interview)

Chuck Meehan of YDI (Full Interview)

Mike of The Pagan Babies (Full Interview)

Derrick of Lansdale (Full Interview)

Paul & Dan of Brickhouse (Full Interview)

Mike Ski of Brothers Keeper (Full Interview)

Steve & Iggy (Full Interview)

Strength For A Reason (Full Interview)

Jim Winters of Starkweather / Turmoil (Full Interview)

Denile (Full Interview)

Steve of Turning Point (Full Interview)

RUIN (Full Interview)

N.A.S.E.  (Full Interview)

Richie Krutch of Wisdom In Chains  (Full Interview)

Beth of The Stickmen (Full Interview)

Steve of Option (Full Interview)

Karl of Earth Crisis (Full Interview)

Sam The Butcher (Full Interview)

Tommy Walton (Full Interview)

Steelnation (Full Interview)

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