Loren W. Lepre CEO and founder of Freedom Shorts and Average Superstar Films. Held his first event on June 10th 2012 and has been active in bringing film screenings to Philly for the past 5 years.

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Freedom Shorts Team


Loren W. Lepre (CEO


Steve Carino (Program Manager)


Tom Scholl (Director Of Photography)


Stephanie Malloy (Photographer)



Freedom Shorts XI was held on Sunday August 24th at The Troc. A another amazing lineup.

1-The Fix (World Premiere)
2-The First Step (
World Premiere)
3-How I Won The War 
4-The Bounty Hunter (Texas)
5-Expiration Date
6-Please Kill Me Again
7-Center Holds (NYC) (
World Premiere)
8-Sisterly Disorder
9-I Want To Die (
World Premiere)
10-Tin and Tina (Spain)
11-A Woman Full of Trouble
12-Russian Cancer (
World Premiere)
13-The Devil Come (
World Premiere)
14-The Violin (L.A.) (
World Premiere)


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