Loren W. Lepre CEO and founder of Freedom Shorts and Average Superstar Films. Held his first event on June 10th 2012 and has been active in bringing film screenings to Philly for the past 5 years.

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Freedom Shorts Team


Loren W. Lepre (CEO


Steve Carino (Program Manager)


Tom Scholl (Director Of Photography)


Brenden Hubbard (Fest Manager)


Julie Stackhouse (Co-Host)


Stephanie Malloy (Photographer)



Freedom Shorts XIII was held on Sunday April 26th at The Troc. Filmmakers came in from around the world and was one HELL of an event!

1-Phoenix (Germany) 
2-Max (Cali)
3-Out Of Zen (M.N.)
4-Efecto Y Causa (Argentina)
World Premiere
5-The Amazing Rondini (Philly) World Premiere
6 -Dinner Date (United Kingdom) 
7- Losers (N.Y)
8-Another Time (Philly)
9- P is For Piñata (F.L.)
10-Bubble Don’t Lie (Czech Republic)
11- 7.5 (Moscow)
12- Split (L.A.)
13-Getting Ready For A Lunch Date (Canada)
World Premiere
14-Dude and The Tramp (Canada) 
15- People Person (N.Y)
World Premiere
16-If Trees Could Talk (N.Y)

Average Superstar T.V. Episode #3 Our web series covering our event!


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