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The film fest run for The Dark Military will continue in 2018. Check back for screenings in 2018. Here are the listings of our screenings so far. Want to screen The Dark Military? Email us at



Liberty Massacre 8/26/17 (Afternoon) "Philadelphia" P.A. (Official Selection)

Philly Geek Awards 8/26/17 (Evening) "Philadelphia" P.A.  (Best Feature Nominee)

Monster-Mania Con 8/16/17 "Cherry Hill" New Jersey  9/16/17 (Midnight Feature)

New Jersey Horror Con & Film Festival 9/21/17 "Edison" New jersey (Best Director Nominee)

New Jersey Horror Con & Film Festival 9/21/17 "Edison" New jersey (Best Feature Nominee)

Upstate N.Y. Horror Film Festival 10/14/17 "Rochester" New York (WINNER Best Action Feature)

Frostbiter Film Festival 11/11/17 Iceland (Official Selection)

Urban Action Showcase 11/11/17 "Time Square" New York City" (Best Feature Nominee)

Bloody Horror International Film Festival "Ottawa" Canada (Official Selection)


Days of The Dead 2/3/18 "Atlanta" Georgia (Official Selection)

Jim Thorpe Independent Film Fest 4/14/18 "Jim Thorpe P.A." (Official Selection & Best Grindhouse Nominee)

Horror Avenue Fest 4/27/18 "Peoria" Illinois (Official Selection)

Motor City Nightmares International Film Fest 4/27/18 "Detroit Michigan (Official Selection)

Days of The Dead 5/19/18 "Charlotte" North Carolina (Official Selection)

Canada YES! Let's make a Film Festival 7/21/18  "Quebec Canada" (Official Selection & Best Feature Winner)

We Are Indie Horror Film Festival 8/26/18 "Las Vegas" (Official Selection)

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