Do you make horror shorts? Than this is the event for you! Liberty Massacre is the Wrestlemania when it comes to horror short film fests in PHILADELPHIA!. Take a look below at out history, videos, and social media links for more on the event.


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1-Colera (Spain)
2-Eye Five (Los Angele’s)
3-Her Time of The Month (Philadelphia)
4-Dystopia (United Kingdom)
5-Print (Philadelphia)
6-El Gigante (Vancouver B.C)
7-Shi (Japan)
8-Candy (Philadelphia)
9-The Peripheral (New Orleans)
10-Philly Blood Week (Philadelphia)
11-Attack of The Robot Nazi (Philadelphia)
12-N is For Nightmare (Florida)
13-Awakenings (India)

El Gigiante won BEST FILM as well BEST CINEMATOGRAPHY and BEST SPX at Liberty Massacre Part-2!

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Lloyd Kaufman and TROMA! Took over Liberty Massacre part 2! Along with The Angry Video Game Nerd and some of the great wack packers from The Howard Stern Show!

Average Superstar T.V. Episode #2 Our web series covering our event!

LIBERTY MASSACRE Part-2 August 8th 2015

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