What if a webcast, LIVE on Halloween, turned out to be a real life survival game? What if the people hunting them are a rogue military? What if all eyes from the around the world are tuned in, and with a short window of time, officials need to find out where this broadcast is taking place? With all of technology taken away from the the young adults to slow down any rescue team from finding them, they find themselves with no weapons to defend themselves. Can they be found in time, as the world watches on

Loren W. Lepre brings you his vision! The Dark Military arrives in 2019!

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Meet our cast! Enjoy these movie stills and interviews!

Interview with Dave Shaver


Interview with Gina Marie

Interview with Krystal Ann Grffin

Interview with Josh Christensen

Interview with Stephen Medvidick

Interview with Julie Stackhouse

Interview with Jeni Miller, John Vitali, Rajab Croswell

Interview with Cory Kastle

Interview with James Donahue

Interview with Kristen Gilia

Interview with Adam Bierman

Interview with Mike Sutton

Interview with Bryan Donahue

Interview with Alex Webster

Interview with Joe Gariffo

Happy to have  R. Marcos Taylor from Straight Outta Compton heading into battle to fight The Dark Military in this film.

Also happy to have some cameos by some of our favorite horror movie icons.

Sharon Smyth Lentz (Dark Shadows) T.V. series.

Alex Vincent (Child's Play 1-2)

Brian (Blue Meanie) Heffron E.C.W. wrestling legend.

Very happy to announce some of bands that have songs featured in this film.

Bad Luck 13 Riot Extravaganza (Philadelphia)

The Green Lady Killers (Arizona)

Stormwatch (Delaware)

Animalhaus (Pennsylvania)

No Redemming Social Value (Queens N.Y.)

The Screaming Angels (New York)

Interview with Rogelio Gonzalez

Interview with Rosie Devine

Interview with Jeni Miller

Interview with Rene Vettest

Interview with Roman Bumbrey

Interview with Cabrina Collesides

Interview with John Woods

Interview with Loren W. Lepre

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