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Welcome to the home page of The Dark Military. 

Directed: by Loren W. Lepre

Starring: R. Marcos Taylor, Loren W, Lepre, Gina Marie Scholl, Shannon Sexton, Julie Stackhouse, Alex Vincent

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Happy to have  R. Marcos Taylor from Straight Outta Compton heading into battle to fight The Dark Military in this film.

Also happy to have some cameos by some of our favorite horror movie icons.

Sharon Smyth Lentz (Dark Shadows) T.V. series.

Alex Vincent (Child's Play 1-2)

Brian (Blue Meanie) Heffron E.C.W. wrestling legend.

Proud to announce some of bands that have songs featured in this film.

Bad Luck 13 Riot Extravaganza (Philadelphia)

The Green Lady Killers (Arizona)

Stormwatch (Delaware)

Animalhaus (Pennsylvania)

No Redemming Social Value (Queens N.Y.)

The Screaming Angels (New York)

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