Liberty Massacre 5 COMMERCIAL!

Do you make horror shorts? Than this is the event for you! Liberty Massacre is the Wrestlemania when it comes to horror short film fests in PHILADELPHIA!. Take a look below at out history, videos, and social media links for more on the event.


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DAY #1 Lineup 


BEC (Spain) Directed by Tony Morales 

Released From Love (Brazil) Directed by Luciano De Azevedo

Corpse Pose (N.Y.) Directed by Sarah Misch 

Cindy's Birthday party (Philadelphia) Directed by August Aguilar

Crazy About You & In General (P.A.) Directed by Jeremiah Elsass 

Shoes (Belgium) Directed by Ray Kermani 

Chimes (Ireland) Directed by Jannine Benkhardt  (World Premiere)

Mord "Satanas"(Germany) Directed by Toby Wulff (World Premiere)

Stall (Canada) Directed by Elvis Deane 

Outer Directed by Joe Boi


 DAY #2 Lineup 


Happy Birthday Brenda (New Jersey) Directed by Rory Abel 

Goodnight Gracie (Los Angeles) Directed by Stellan Kendrick 

Studded Nightmare (Canada) Directed by Jean-Claude Leblanc 

Help Me (New York) Directed by Louie Cortes (5 mins) (World Premiere)

Jamie (West Hollywood) Directed by Frank Ferendo

The Hobbyist (N.Y.) Directed by David Maire 

A Beautiful Place (Burbank) Directed by Matthew Vinaja 

Popsy (France) Directed by Julien Homsy 

Save (Germany) Directed by Ivan Sain-Pardo 

The Not So Bright Vampire (Australia) Directed by Nick & Jim Zounis 

Marian (Philippines) Directed by Brian Patrick Lim 

Inappetence (Poland) Directed by Katarzyna Babicz 

Third Wheel (Chicago) Directed by Daniel DelPurgatorio 

Beneath (New York) Directed by Lindsay Serrano 

She Came From The Woods (C.T.) Directed by The Blomquist Brothers 

Here are your winners for Liberty Massacre 5!

Best Feature
She Came From The Woods

Best Director
Happy Birthday Brenda

Best Acting

She Came From The Woods

Best Cinmatography

The Hobbyist



Best Thriller

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