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Loren W. Lepre is also Co-Hosts a live show from Princeton Televison. This show takes place once a month on campus. Watch episodes below.

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Interview with Dave Hagan of (Monstermania) 5/19/17

Interview with MMA Fighter Brylan Van Artsdalen 7/28/17

Interview with Skateboard & Punk Legend Chuck Treece 8/25/17

Dave Grohi,  Chuck Treece,  H.R.  &  Moby

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Interview with The Pinups for Pitbulls 9/29/17

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Interview with Punk Legends Wisdom In Chains 10/26/17

Interview with Filmmaker Drew Stone 11/17/17


 Johnny Lydon    Rob Zombie          James 

Duff         Cindi Lauper        Bono

Interview with Michael Alago (Signed Metallica, White Zombie)

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Interview with Robert & Doug of N.J. Horror Convention 1/26/18

Interview with Patrick Rodgers of Dracula's Ball 3/30/18

Interview with Bryan Enright of The Horror Syndicate 5/18/18

Interview with David Howard Thornton of TERRIFIER 6/22/18

Interview with Pro Wrestler (Supreme Lee Great)


Interview with Actor (Brian Gallagher)


Interview with Actor (David & Damien of TERRIFIER)


Interview with Trenton Animals Rock

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Interview with The Dark Military (Cast)

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