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________________Friday October 4th Program________________


1607 S Broad St, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 19148



30th Night (Canada) Directed by Matthew Van Ginkel

Hammer Town (R.I.) Directed by Dan Pasto 

Have You Seen Him (Wichita) Directed by Cole Campbell 

Peephole (Mexico) Directed by Enrique Manzo

Mouning Glories (Pennsylvania) Directed by Brian M. Brennan 

She Fell (Virginia) Directed by Reid Bailey

Stay Quiet (Philadelphia) Directed by Chloe Carroll

Night Owls (Spain) Directed by Romen Rivero

Waiting For Hope (Philadelphia) Directed by Frank Battaglia

This Dark Thought (Pennsylvania) Directed by Kris & Kurtis Theorin 

The Housewife (Philadelphia) Directed by Chloe Carrol

Ghost Poachers (Rhode Island) Directed by Mark Allison

You Too (California) Directed by Teddy Tenenbaum 

With or With Out (California) Directed by Benjamin Howdeshell

Hammer Down Poster.jpg
30th Night Poster...jpg
YouToo poster digital.jpg
With or Without.jpg
Stay Quiet.jpg

Your Liberty Massacre (Part-6) WINNERS!

Best Film

With or Without 


Best Director

Night Owls


Best Local Film

The Housewife


Best Acting

With or Without





Best Horror Comedy

Waiting For Hope


Best Animation Horror

Hammer Down

The Dark Thought

Waiting For Hope.jpg
Ghpost Preachers.jpg

LIBERTY MASSACRE PART-6 October 4th 2019

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