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Loren is a native of Carbondale P.A. who moved to Philadelphia in 1999 where he was a pro wrestler turned MMA fighter. 


In 2010, he studied at Walnut Street Theater and started acting and since been in over 80 projects. He produced and directed the documentary Pennsylvania Hardcore, which covers the history of the ALL the hardcore bands over the last 30 years from Pennsylvania. Loren is in post production right now for his up coming action/thriller film called The Dark Military.


Loren is the owner of Average Superstar Films and is known for running 2 of the biggest and most active short film fest's in Philadelphia : Freedom Shorts and Liberty Massacre


Loren is an active leader in the Philadelphia film scene and is also known for his amazing network of connections in The Philadelphia area.

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Interview with Bufad Cimema 3/8/16

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Interview with Loren W. Lepre 10/29/23 with Planet PXF

Richard Grieco & Loren W. Lepre on (The Romero Indie Bridgade Podcast)

Horror 365 Podcast 11/15/23

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Indie Horror Junkie Podcast 11/15/23

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D Von Dudley of (ECW) & Loren W. Lepre of (The Dark Military) on Totally Driven Radio Fall of 2019.

Evolving with Cory Kastle “Loren W. Lepre”

Romero Indie Brigade Podcast (with Guests Loren W. Lepre of The Dark Military)

May Queens Horror Podcast Episode 18 (with Loren W. Lepre)

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Interview with Breezin with Bierman 3/31/17

Covid 2024 (Film Premiere on The Indie Brigade

Interview with Loren W. Lepre and Sharon Lentz (Dark Shadows) 4/29/14


Totally Driven Radio 3/23/17

The Horror Syndicate Interviews with Loren W. Lepre and Steven Carino on their film The Dark Military 8/11/17


Toxic Waltz with Irish J


Check out Loren W. Lepre as he discusses some of his projects like the Pennsylvania Hardcore Documentary and The Dark Military.

Decay Mag Podcast with guest “Loren W. Lepre”

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