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About our event.

Welcome to FREEDOM SHORTS! The largest and most active short film fest in Philadelphia! This is the ONLY game in town when it comes to short films! This is the FORMER (A Night of Short Films) event. YES the name just changed same great event and the same fun that comes with it!! This event is really a great place to have your film shown and at this event all of our hard work pays off! This event has grown at a rapid rate. This event draws 200-400 people each time. Trailers are welcome! The event is followed up by an award show! YES WE LIKE TO GIVE OUT AWARDS! ALL awards and selections are picked by jury. These events are known for plenty of surprises. Filmmakers this is your night! Please take a look at the videos and pictures from this event below. Submit your films to for our next event!

Loren W. Lepre CEO and founder of Freedom Shorts and Average Superstar Films. Held his first event on June 10th 2012 and has been active in bringing film screenings to Philly for the past 5 years.

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Freedom Shorts Team


Loren W. Lepre (CEO


Steve Carino (Program Manager)


Tom Scholl (Director Of Photography)


Brenden Hubbard (Fest Manager)


Julie Stackhouse (Co-Host)


Stephanie Malloy (Photographer)



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Freedom Shorts XIV was held on Saturday January 2nd 2015. This show brought in a new audience.


1-Michael (United Kingdom) World Premiere
2-Longhand (Toronto)
3-Alastair Tembylton (Alaska)
World Premiere
4-Coffee Shop Conversations (N.Y.)
5-Brains (Philly)
World Premiere
6-Umbrella Girl (New Jersey)
7-The Cubicle (Philly)
World Premiere
8-Yo Soy Pedro (France)
9-Looking Down (Philly)
World Premiere
10-The Prodigy (Philly)
11-Daddy's Girls (Taiwan)
12-Hello Charles (Los Angeles)
World Premiere
13-Chateau Sauvignon (N.Y)
14-The Perfect Dish (F.L)
15-In The Ruins (Germany)
16-Frontman (Los Angeles)


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Average Superstar T.V. Episode #5 Our web series covering our event!


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