Loren W. Lepre CEO and founder of Freedom Shorts and Average Superstar Films. Held his first event on June 10th 2012 and has been active in bringing film screenings to Philly for the past 5 years.

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Freedom Shorts Team


Loren W. Lepre (CEO


Steve Carino (Program Manager)


Tom Scholl (Director Of Photography)


Brenden Hubbard (Fest Manager)


Stephanie Malloy (Photographer)



Friday lineup at CINEMUG on January 27th

1-Illegal Aliens (Minnesota ) Directed by Justin & Kristin Schaack
2-VUP (France) Directed by Thierry Vergnes
3-Bubble Bath (British Columbia) Directed by Kevin Sax
4-Always Stop For Rabbits (Massachusetts) by Don Burton
5-Adelheid (Switzerland) Directed by Stefan Klinger (
World Premiere)
6-Too Dark ( Australia) Directed by Sean Lahiff
7-Sanctuary (Norway/Sweden) Directed by Farid Zarrinbal (
World Premiere)
8-Wicked Conclusions (Philadelphia) Directed by Phillip Carroll
9-Cinephiliac (Canada) Directed by Matthew Tichenor

Saturday Lineup at PhilaMOCA on January 28th

1-Safe (Philadelphia) Directed by Mohamed Khalifa (World Premiere)
2-Croissant (Spain) Directed by Marius Conrotto 
3-NOIA (Brazil) Directed by Elder Fraga
4-North Wales Station (Philadelphia ) Directed by Brendan Joyce
5-The Red Laces (Italy) Directed by Simone Valentini (
US Premiere)
6-Mercy (California) Directed by Mylissa Fitzsimmons
7-Knit (Philadelphia) Directed by Andy Kumpon and Gary Malick
8-A Quiet Life (France) Directed by Laurene P. Derya (
US Premiere)
9-The Lay Off (Philadelphia) Ken Kraft
10-Vardoger (France) Ludovic De Gaillande (
US Premiere)
11-Flaw (Philadelphia) Directed by Jennifer M. Kay
12-No Strings Attached (Philadelphia) Directed by Jake Hunsicker

Sunday Lineup at The Trocadero on January 29th

1-Nod (Philadelphia) Directed by Jake Hunsicker 
2-Citipati (Germany) Directed by Andreas Feix
3-The Insect & The Alien (Australia) Directed by Jason Fitzgerald
4-Drop Target (Philadelphia) Directed by Eric Itzi (
World Premiere)
5-Resolution (Florida) Directed by TL Westgate
6-The Barber Cut (United Kingdom) Directed by Mark Brocking 
7-Spring (Spain) Directed by Carlos Guijarro 
8-A Town Called Theocracy (New Mexico) Directed by Jehad Al- Khatteeb
9-Repair Girl (Philadelphia) Directed by Enrique Bartolo (
World Premiere
10-Relapse (California) Directed by James Poirier
11-Getting Away From It All (Pennsylvania) Directed by Christopher Fernando 
12-Not Yet (Philadelphia) Directed by Chad Hamilton (
US Premiere
13-Smile (Philadelphia) Directed by Joe Staeley 
14-Child No More (Philadelphia ) Directed by Alex Hutflus 
15-Ex-Advice (Philadelphia) Directed by Jennifer M. Kay
16-So Long Friend (Philadelphia) Directed by Todd Rawiszer (
World Premiere)
17-Shuteye (Philadelphia) Directed by Anna Pruett (
World Premiere
18-A World Away (Australia) Directed by Sarah McLauchlan

Illegal Aliens (Minnesota ) Directed by Justin & Kristin Schaack (Won Best Comedy)

Citipati (Germany) Directed by Andreas Feix (Won Best SPFX)

Resolution (Florida) Directed by TL Westgate (Won Best Ensemble Cast)

Smile (Philadelphia) Directed by Joe Staeley (Won Best Editing & Best Cinematography)

Not Yet (Philadelphia) Directed by Chad Hamilton (Won Best Director)

Essa O' Shea "Mercy" (California) Directed by Mylissa Fitzsimmons (Won Best Actress)

Relapse (California) Directed by James Poirier (Won Best Film)

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