FREEDOM SHORTS XIX October 5th 2019

Loren W. Lepre CEO and founder of Freedom Shorts and Average Superstar Films. Held his first event on June 10th 2012 and has been active in bringing film screenings to Philly for the past 7 years.

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Freedom Shorts Team


Loren W. Lepre (CEO


Steve Carino (Program Manager)


Tom Scholl (Director Of Photography)


Stephanie Malloy (Photographer)



Freedom Shorts 19 will be held at PhilaMOCA



Princess Pussy (Philadelphia) Directed by Renee Sevier 

Oh, Boy.. (New York) Directed by Loring Murtha 

Still (Philadelphia) Directed by Mike Licisyn 

The Voicemail (New York) Directed by Kyle Solomon 

Chairs (Israel) Directed by Avner Pinchover

Li’l Cars (Florida) Directed by TL Westgate 

It’s Me (Pennsylvania) Directed by Vance Malone 

Repetiton Rhapsody (Philadelphia) Directed by Madalyyn St. John


On Our Own (Philadelphia) Directed by Chad Hamilton 

Dear Frankie (Massachusetts) Directed by Megan Marie Connolly


Tribute (Pennsylvania) Directed by Tristan Alan 

Fuck (Philadelphia) Directed by Vern Hass 

Here (Pennsylvania) Directed by Vance Malone 

Badland (Philadelphia) Directed Drew Phillips 

Oh Baby! (New York) Directed by Meghann Artes

Waiting For Hope (Philadelphia) Directed by Frank Battaglia 

The Boy Hero (Philadelphia) Directed by Kyle B. Thompson 

Your Freedom Shorts 19 WINNERS!


Best Film


Oh Baby


Best Director

Princess Pussy


Best Acting

It’s Me







Best Comedy


Princess Pussy

Best Drama


Dear Frankie

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